Our vision:

We share the vision of the Master Plan Marine Biotechnology in Schleswig-Holstein and extend it to the German coastal states:

By 2030, the German coastal states will achieve a comparable added value as conventional agriculture with the biotechnological use of resources from the sea. With the development and implementation of sustainable technological solutions using marine resources, marine biotechnology will make a significant contribution to the resource-efficient use of the environment, CO2-neutral energy supply and the health and quality of life of the people.

It is our aim to provide all actors involved in marine biotechnology with a networking and cooperation platform.

At the same time, we want to offer information, education and training in marine biotechnology to the public and decision-makers.

In the articles ofour association, the objectives and tasks are described as follows:

The purpose of the association is the promotion of science and research for the sustainable use of marine resources. The purpose of the statutes is realized in particular by networking the actors of marine biotechnology in Northern Germany. Through cooperation and public relations and in particular through the promotion of (education), the importance of the sustainable use of the oceans for marine biotechnology should be emphasized as a key technology.